Monday, January 17, 2011

My dishonest face.

On my way home from leading worship at the local aged care home this morning, I called in at the supermarket to buy something for lunch and a few other things. At the checkout, I unloaded from my bag the four items I had gathered from the shelves and left the bag open so the check-out lady could see what was in it. That helpful lady began to pack my purchases in my bag as I fumbled for my purse. She spotted the margarine container in the bag and beginning to say in her friendliest voice, 'And this one too?' she grabbed it ..... and spilled all the glass beads it contained for use at the worship centre for the aged care service into my bag.

In spite of the cross and the candle that were also in the bag, she thought she had a shop-lifter. Obviously I do not have an honest face.