Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 'Silly Season' is here.

Well, my blogging ambitions have not been furthered much. The truth is I forgot how to get into the blog to post a new item. But now I've worked it out again and have made a note of what I need to do, so maybe I'll actually post something.

It's getting close to Christmas and the 'silly season' is upon us: luncheon after luncheon and dinner after dinner. Everyone is having end of year break-ups and of course the best way to do that is to eat. Tonight I'm missing the Seniors' Dinner because I didn't get around to replying to the invitation. I'm told we could just turn up, but I think that's not on - even if the organisers don't mind. Besides, I have my own 'cordon bleu' chef here at home. :-)

Had the final CRE session for the year this morning. The whole of Walwa school walked around with me to the Uniting Church and we had a worship time. The older half of the school had prepared some skits about Christmas as we celebrate it and the littlies did a short nativity play. I added a couple of Colin Buchanan songs on CD and we sang some carols. It was a good morning. They're a great bunch of kids and a wonderful little school.

The drive to Walwa is still very beautiful even though the landscape has dried out and is looking very yellow. The beautiful green hills are no more now until next winter. I kept thinking of the song from Oklahoma: O What a beautiful morning' but it's the grass around here that's nearly as high as an elephant's eye. The farmers have had an excellent season so there's bundles of silage in abundance all over the paddocks.

God is generous to us.

But I have just delivered some groceries to the Food Bank and the shelves are not well filled. The supplies are not coming in and there are lots of people needing to come for food top-ups. People are doing it tough. It will be some time before they recover from the drought.

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