Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sitting in maccas in Albury having breakfast after leaving George at the hospital for some surgery. Did my morning devotions here. The scripture for today is from Malachi 4. Lots about the day of the Lord that's coming with fire to burn up the evil-doers. Not really my line of thinking, but pretty much the Old Testament idea of God's solving the problems of the world.

But the bit that I really liked is the picture of the people who revere God having a healing sun rise upon us and our reaction is to go out like calves leaping out from their stall. I'd love to see the congregation go out from worship so refreshed and renewed that they all leap out the door like calves from their stalls.

There are days after worship that I want to dance up the aisle, but I'd love to see evidence that others feel the same.


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